What are WYO tees?
“By WYO for You”. Hence Wear YOUR Opinion.WYO tees are produced and sold by WYO (duh!). Sometimes we design them also. These shirts feature a wide variety of designs based on the current relevant Indian social & political subject matter. We promise that most of these shirts will not be leftovers from our not so excellent marketing efforts.


Fabric: Top quality 100% super->cotton (180 GSM). We use quality screen or transfer printing technique.
Is the tee on hompage the only one for sale?
No. But it is the only tee for SALE on SALE. Once a new chat pata design springs up on the front page we move the existing design on to PAST WYO’s where you can buy them at a slightly upper scale price. Real Estate price does increase my friend. Even on the interwebs(Oops. Did we just give out our business model).
Why are they so cheap?
Retail therapy. In the stressful living conditions in India we like to earn some good karma by selling good cool stuff at a good cheap price. We do believe we will be showered with 40 virgins in our afterlife for our good tee deeds.


So, who designs these ultra-chic designs?
Brilliant creative people who dont mind being harassed by our phone call’s everytime we get a silly idea of how to represent current Indian society on a shirt. Many a times these designers turn the tables and harass us with their designs also, which anyways are much much better then our ideas. In a moongphali ghar (nutshell, for you poor hindi readers) these are experienced talented designers who very artistically bring various instances from your life onto a shirt. We constantly associate with such designers and if you dont mind being called a “WYO giver” (no negotiations here) we will work with you also.
Who makes these tees?
WYO tees are 100% cotton shirts printed at our own facility in Mumbai (We swear its not a sweat shop). Its 100% HANDCRAFTED & MADE IN INDIA. We guarantee that once you wear our shirt you will wear it atleast for the next 12 hours.
Can I design for WYO?
Ummm. Ahemm.. Yes. Ofcourse you can. We dont accept bribes though.
Will I get paid for my designs?
If they sell, Yes. Well, even if they dont you will get paid for your designs. (Ooops. Did we just ruin our Business Model) For more details on our stuipidity:
We are glad you asked. You own it. We distirbute it. We just ask you to keep it exclusive. Sometimes we will own it. And if you find any of those lomadi’s who are copy pasting our designs let us know. We do like going to the courts once in a while. Sometimes we go voluntarily also. Mostly its the summons. (Its been a personal hobby (or habit) of everyone here at WYO)


Who delivers?
These guys. ARAMEX.
NEXT Question.
What size should I buy?
Before you give us your credit card number, you really, really need to consult this Size Chart. Then you would want to go a size higher than that.
Aap Ajeeb ho. Shipping ke paise kyun nahin lete. Kya gadbad hai?
Sab gadbad hai sahab. We were always bad with numbers (We are still Indians. Abnormal ones who are not good at math). So to be consistent we are continuing our bad math-giri and shipping for free. Dont worry you will get your shirt.
Will you take the shirt back?
If your shirt is defective, or if we sent you the wrong size, or we sent you some other shirt by mistake, let us know at service@wyo.in. If you just realized you don’t look good in orange, or you decided not to check the sizing chart before you placed your order, well, our impulse is to say that your bai will always like a new pochha.