The Great Indian Superheroes – a quest to bring freedom of opinions.


Quite a while back, we launched a series, a series dedicated to our Superheroes. They weren't brought to life from comic strip, they lived, they walked this planet in flesh but today they stand forgotten. We looked around, people flashing Supermans and Batmans of the world on their chest with pride and bravado. And on the contrary, there was little or no importance given to our legends that brought revolution. It was their revolutionary efforts which changed the way of thinking and brought change in the mindset of masses; the whole thought process and living conditions changed. But slowly it fizzled out like everything does, no good remains if efforts are not made to keep it alive and pumping through our blood. Though there were efforts made in terms of movies but again they lived their shelf-life in glory and died unnoticed.

So, we thought of adding them to our daily lives. Being a merchandise company, we came up with the thought of presenting them in a manner which was never done before. We sat down with our panel of artists, shared our vision with each other and then all of them agreed to share the responsibility. This was the first time when multiple artists were joining hands for one cause under the Wear Your Opinion banner.  But the task was not so easy, it was uphill.



We read, we read and we kept on reading till our hearts content. We made notes, marked important incidents, quotes and poetry and much more. Then came out pencil and drawing boards, we scribbled, we all did, even the ones who could not draw straight line with help of scale drew their imagination. If we could show you the number of roughs, you would feel that is making of some book. In reality it was an effort to bring them alive through these designs and ideas.



While doing so we also felt the need of sharing their lives and ideologies with everyone because it isn't enough to just have them in wardrobes, it matters more to have them and their characteristics in our mind and soul. 



Here are few links which will tell you what we wrote and felt about them, do read them -




Chandra Shekar Azad


Bhagat Singh


Coming back to designs, though it may sound cliché, they speak for themselves. The designs try to reach and appropriate the stature of the Great Indian Revolutionaries. We have sketched our hearts out to portray the bravery and ideology of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev Thapar, Shivaram Rajguru, Chandra Shekhar Azad and Subhash Chandra Bose.

Go ahead and have a look, you will feel proud and would love to wear them. There is no shame in wearing your heart out and somewhere deep you know, these men captured your heart and they still reside in it. 




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subhash tiwari

will u launch some tee’s with pictures of great heroes like chhatrapati shivaji,maharana pratap,rani lakshmibai…….???


Superb idea..!!
Waiting to Launch…!


Superb shirt.I would like to buy this designer shirt when it comes.

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