We are ordinary and we are proud about it.

Yes, you read it quite right; we are just ordinary guys who are part of the crowd. There is nothing special in us that make us extraordinary. Now if this turns you off and wants you to stop reading, we request you to give us your two minutes as this will help you know the ordinary better.

 We are you, an ordinary being trying to do an extraordinary feat. We love the journey more than the destination. Welove walking with ones who are as on a similar conquest of enjoying various colours of life and experiencing varied emotions with equal curiosity. Like you, our opinions and actions define our individuality. We believe in being fearless and using the freedom of speech – right to voice one’s opinion and convey what happens around us with a fresher perspective. We announce our opinions in public as any other ordinary being. The only step we took further is creating media avenues for everyone to take it home.

 Our collection of t-shirts, hoodies, boxers and other merchandise are not just apparels or objects of use. They are a medium to convey something of value to you and the society. Going through the collection you might find things that are simple, wild, outrageous, silly etc. You should not be surprised if everything we say is not to raise society’s moral ground and point the compass needle in the right direction. Many of them are just part of our life that we encounter and are enchanted by. They humour us, make us ponder, think and sometimes even wonder with astonishment. You might not resonate with everything we say but when you do, you shall understand why we do this. This is what we are all about. We are a mix bag of opinions, one who prefers to use the power of humour to drive the point than the power of a sword.

 There is one thing we would like to clarify. What we say is from one reference point and in any case we do not intend to create that as an absolute truth. Everything around us is referential and the opinions that generate through the environment establish the truth of the day.

 Hence we have decided to invite more and more of you, share more and more of your opinions. This will help us to broaden our horizons and widen our thought process. The idea is to inspire, empower and facilitate communities to express their point of views which will drive conversations around the same.  To this, we encourage you to share your opinions and point of view with us and public at large. Let’s us share and create something that shall reflect the state of society in every form.


Opinionated Yours

Team Wear Your Opinion


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pradeep singh

Hi my self Pradeep singh raghav from Jaipur Rajasthan I read it ur story and Blogs and understand what people r u its gud in the society which can u done fantasticly great and ur achivment tell ur story for three year I want to b join wear ur opinion creative mind talent blasting my mind so considered me 8824542044

Pratik Dilip Bedarkar

From a ordinary guy to (extra)ordinary team of wyo.

like the idea of ur collection, the themes nd most importantly like d way u feature real superheroes collection .
thanx guys fr doing dat, saying thanx coz batman, superman or nyothr superheores merchandise will make fortune fr u but still go wid d real superheros.
many wil say dat u need lots of guts to do dat nd its no doubt true but more dan guts its take will or passion to such thng .
nd thanx is fr dat, only .

sorry fr a sch long comment, while reading u may also thnk ki bhai to emotional ho gaya, its not like dat but want to appreciate u ur work & jst saying good work is not enough smtym.

m not english fluent guys like u, so galti ho gayi ho to maaf karan yaaro aftr al m jst ordinary guy ….

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