COD Now Available On Selected Pincodes.

As we have mentioned elsewhere on the site: We love to listen.

Now you can truly WYO by submitting opinions that you would like to see out there. Have a situation around you that you find funny, offensive, insulting or plain amusing? Just send it to us and we will make sure its out there in front of our designer panel to finally make it to the store.

Here’s how it works:
Design, Ideas, Oneliners should be submitted to:
For each selected design WYO shall pay the artist an:

- Remittance upto 1000 - 5000/- INR. Depending Upon The Idea, Artwork And Decision Of Designer Panel
- Free Tee. Yay!
- Due credit to the Artist on the website. Yay!! Yay!!

Every Artist confer’s to an exclusive contract.

Lekin ek baat to hum kahna bhool hi gaaye.
- Each design should be an original and exclusive creation which should conform to one or more of the following:

- Current and relevant events
- Indian Cities
- NRI’s (We love them)
- Bollywood & Cricket (The quintessential Indian-ness)
- Indian customs, festivals, political system, marriages, jugaad etc etc.

- Every theme should be accompanied by a “funny” statement/opinion/one liner that people can identify with.

- The design should look attractive on a tee. Think seriously about aesthetics.
Cartoons/Carricatures/Illustrations can be funny, people can laugh over it.
But if you can make them aesthetically look good then people would love to wear them.

- Keep it funny, silly. A punch line can be funny but if the delivery is not powerful it is simply not funny.

- Please do not offed the powerful. Offend whomever you like, just not the powerful. We will not like to die early & young. ;-)