GYM T-Shirt

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GYM T-Shirt


You Are Running On Treadmill As Sweat Trickles Down Your Body And Feel Pumped Up. You Pick Ua Barbell And Load It With 75Pounds On Each Side. You Lift Them High And Start Your Sit-Ups. You Crave For More, You Lie Down And Start Your Crunches, But There Is Not Enough Pressure Being Built Up. You Use Weight Pads On Our Arms And Legs To Push It Beyond. You Lie Down To Take A Deebreath, Close Your Eyes And Rejoice. Suddenly, You Hear A Ringing Sound. You Open Your Eyes And Get Ufrom Your Bed. It Is 9:00 Am And You Are Late. It Was A Dream. Gym Is A Place That Comes In Your Dreams And You Promise To Go From Tomorrow. This Is A Custom Gym T-Shirt For You!

This Printed T Shirt With Slogan "GYM ( Comes From A Geek Word Which Means) A Place Where You Will Go TOMORROW" Is An Exciting Addition To Our GYM Collection Tees.

Size Chest Side Length Sleeve
S 36-38 26 8
M 38-40 27 8.5
L 40-42 28 9
XL 42-44 29 10
XXL 44-46 30 10.5
XXXL 46-48 32 11