Neat Diagram T-Shirt

399.00 549.00
  • Neat Diagram T-Shirt

Neat Diagram T-Shirt

399.00 549.00

While Growing Up, I Remember My Teachers Telling Me To Keethings Neat. I Grew Uand Kept That In Mind. I Always Believed In Neatness. My Diagrams Used To Be Neat And Now My Drinks Too. Why So? Like Neat Diagrams Get You High Grades, Neat Drink Gets You High. The Taste Gives Impact Like A Well Sketched Diagram As It Is Unadulterated. Grab One, Siit And Then Take This T-Shirt Home.

This Printed T Shirt With Slogan "Neat Diagram" Is An Exciting Addition To Our Pub & Bar Collection Tees.

Size Chest Side Length Sleeve
S 36-38 26 8
M 38-40 27 8.5
L 40-42 28 9
XL 42-44 29 10
XXL 44-46 30 10.5
XXXL 46-48 32 11