Six Packs T-Shirt

  • Six Packs T-Shirt

Six Packs T-Shirt


Ake A Jog, Reach The Right Place, Warm Yourself Up, Touch Your Palm And Check If The Body Is At The Right Temperature And If It Is, Go Ahead, Twist It, Turn It, Try Clenching Your Teeth And Pushing It Out; Once It Is Done, Take A Deebreath And Gulit Down. These Are The Steps Required To Get Your Six Packs And Put Them In Action. And While You Do That Get Your Six Packs On Tshirt.

This Printed T Shirt With Slogan "Six Packs Coming Soon" Is An Exciting Addition To Our Pub & Bar Collection Tees.

Size Chest Side Length Sleeve
S 36-38 26 8
M 38-40 27 8.5
L 40-42 28 9
XL 42-44 29 10
XXL 44-46 30 10.5
XXXL 46-48 32 11